Introducing the Firebird Pops Orchestra

WAKEFIELD, MA – July 15, 2020 – Firebird Music Ensembles, Inc is proud to introduce Greater Boston’s newest community pops orchestra, the Firebird Pops Orchestra!

Based out of Wakefield, MA, the orchestra will perform works from Film, TV, Broadway, and even some Classical and holiday favorites under the direction of Founder/Music Director, Brendan J. Kenney, and will be made up of community musicians from the Greater Boston Area.  The Firebird Pops Orchestra’s mission is to provide opportunities for musicians who enjoy focusing on the “Pops” genre to perform with a simultaneously accessible and high-quality ensemble.

“I have long wanted to provide community musicians with an opportunity to perform pops music with their friends as much as I have wanted to opportunity to conduct it,” said Kenney.  “There are a number of community symphony orchestras out there that sometimes perform one or two pops concerts in a season, but not very many community pops orchestras that truly focus on the genre – and I’m very excited to introduce the Firebird Pops Orchestra to help fill that void!”

Of course, inaugurating an orchestra might not be the first thing you expect to see in the middle of a global pandemic, especially when so many artistic organizations have been hard-hit by the moratorium on public performance; but, Kenney says this is exactly why he was determined to launch this year.

“Obviously, we never expected our inaugural performance to look like this but, when the pandemic hit, I immediately thought maybe we could do something different,” Kenney explains. “Maybe we could ‘rise from the ashes,’ so to speak, and provide a beacon of hope and a concrete reason to believe in how strong the arts are and that all will be well.  And thus, the name ‘Firebird’ came to be.”

The orchestra plans to debut virtually with almost 60-musicians performing the Harry Potter Symphonic Suite, a medley from the score of the first film in the series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Look for details on the performance, which will be free to the public, on the orchestra’s facebook page later this summer.

Kenney adds, “The outpouring of support and enthusiasm has already been incredible, and I’m so grateful to the musicians and future patrons that are making it possible for us to carry on during this incredibly difficult time for the arts.”

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