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Out of the Ashes, Firebird Rises

Our inaugural pandemic performance took audiences by storm!  Under the baton of founder and music director, Brendan Kenney, almost 60 musicians performed Harry Potter Symphonic Suite, a medley of the score from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, garnering praise from, Nerdist, and New England’s Channel 7 News. 

It’s like getting to see the magic firsthand. And it’s a nice reminder that there’s still reason to love Harry Potter.


Thank you from someone who is really performance-hungry. It was so nice to hear people finding a way to express their hearts in art during this crazy time. I especially loved the string section. Bravi.

Jon Heron

Absolutely loved every golden note!

Craig Howard

This was truly remarkable – the highest quality – and totally unbelievable that it was created in the way that it was. Like everyone, I've listened to a lot of stitched-together work in the last few months but this is right at the top of the best of any I've heard. Well done one and all!

Scott Helmers